BLS Industries

A creative tradition

The family-owned BLS Industries group has deep roots in which entrepreneurship, creativity and innovativeness have been handed down from generation to generation, and today the twelfth generation of the Spånberg family are active in the group.

Thanks to dedicated investment in product development and a consistent strategy for new acquisitions, BLS Industries is today one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sanitaryware, with a number of strong brands in the BLS family.

Purus Polymer has a manufacturing plant for plastic products with injection moulding and extrusion, we well as an assembly department. Development of the group’s floor drains and indoor drainage systems is located in Ystad, Sweden.

Purus Stainless lies in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. It is a manufacturing plant for stainless steel sanitaryware and fittings, as well as some subcontracted manufacturing. The company works almost exclusively in sheet stainless steel. Purus Stainless (previously Västbo Plåt) has manufactured sink units since the early 1960s and there is strong knowledge of the area within the company.

Purus Plating is located in the Sofielund business park in Malmö, southern Sweden. Main operations at the company consist of surface treatment, specialising in chromed copper pipes.