Product Areas

Floor Gullies & Floor Channels

Purus floor gullies and floor channels are made of plastic, stainless steel and cast iron. The products, which are characterised by safety, performance and innovative design, are suitable for all types of premises where floor drains are needed. In the gullies, we work with locally adapted range under its own brands and can offer a wide choice, everything from traditional residential gullies and designed gullies to industrial gullies and industrial channels adapted to various commercial environments.

Indoor Drains

Purus indoor drains are an example of how creativity and development can revolutionise an industry. The technology, quality and functionality are just as reliable as in our other floor drains but innovative design allows for a little more bathroom personality. Purus indoor drains are available in different colours and shapes and offer greater freedom in the placement of the floor drain.

Stainless Steel Sanitaryware

Our stainless steel sanitaryware range offers WCs, urinals, sinks, urinals, plaster separators, accessories etc. It offers both standard products and bespoke designs. A major advantage is that the products are vandal proof, yet have an elaborate modern design. Sales are largely project-related and our customers are mainly in the public or semi-public organizations.

Stainless Steel Interiors

Stainless Steel Interiors is our product range for kitchen sinks, cabinets, shelves and other interior products. The products are available in both standard and bespoke sizes and are used mainly in private kitchens, catering facilities, hospitals and laboratories.


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