Brand new Cleaning & Maintenance video for the NOOD no-odour water trap!

In partnership with our colleagues over at Purus in Norway, we have put together a brand new video which gives step-by-step guidance for the cleaning and maintenance regime of our NOOD no-odour water traps.

| 2019-12-10

The video shows the linear NOOD which is used in our Purusline Living, Purusline Living Plus and Purus Line linear channels; and the video can also be used as a cleaning and maintenance guide when using the circular traps which come in our Mini Series and 59mm S-Series floor gullies.

Purus’ NOOD no-odour trap has a combined mechanical and water seal which will prevent any foul air from escaping through the trap, even when dried out. All of our NOOD traps are extremely simple to clean and maintain, and the brand new video takes you through the process step-by-step.

As well as the new video, we also have a printable version of our Cleaning & Maintenance instructions, which is often useful for contractors to hand over to their clients once their projects are completed. You can view the printable version here.

Our Cleaning & Maintenance Video is available to watch over on our Videos page now. You may also Contact Us if you would like to talk through the maintenance guide with us or if there is anything else we can do to assist.