Featured Company & Wetroom Video: Keith Elliott Construction, Plymouth

We have recently been working alongside Keith Elliott Construction, a Plymouth based construction company working throughout Devon and Cornwall.

| 2020-01-14

We are delighted that Keith Elliott Construction have been using our floor gullies and wetroom drainage products in a number of their recent bathroom installations. They have kindly shared with us this fantastic video showing a customer’s wetroom renovation which uses our Mini Series floor gully with our lockable stainless steel Wave grate for vinyl flooring – take a look by following the link below!

To find out more about our floor gullies, grate designs and other products for vinyl flooring as well as tiled, resin and micro-cement floor finishes, please head to our Product Pages here. You may also Contact Us for further information and with any enquiries.

Wetroom Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5ntaYlp_1T/

Keith Elliott Construction website: https://keithelliottconstruction.com/