Introducing Sediment Traps and Filter Buckets for Purus’ Channel 100

We have recently introduced new accessories to our Channel 100 stainless steel channel drainage range! Due to customer demand, our Sediment Traps and Filter Buckets are now available to order as accessories with our best-selling channel drains.

| 2020-02-07
  • Sediment Trap for Purus' Channel 100 linear drainage
  • Filter Bucket for Purus' Channel 100 linear drainage
  • P-Trap Outlet for Purus' Channel 100 linear drainage
  • P-Trap Outlet installed with Sediment Trap/Filter Bucket

They have been specially designed to fit inside our P-Trap Outlet, a 75mm diameter plastic outlet which fits on to the underside of any variation or length of the Channel 100.

The new pair of accessories, which are both manufactured in stainless steel, offer a solution for situations in which any kind of sediment will flow through your drainage system. The Sediment Trap collects larger pieces of waste such as plaster or rubble and is designed to allow the waste to deposit at the base of the trap so that water can still flow through. The Filter Bucket is for smaller pieces of waste such as hair and dirt. Both can be easily removed from the P-Trap outlet for emptying and cleaning. We believe the new accessories make the perfect addition to our popular Channel 100 range, offering even more extensive uses for the versatile channel drains.

The Channel 100 comes in standard lengths up to 2.5m and can be installed into concrete floors with vinyl, tiled, resin or concrete finishes. In addition to being an ideal solution for shower areas, changing rooms and hotel and leisure facilities, it is also perfect for industrial settings such as factories and breweries.

Many different configurations are available as standard – there are a choice of four grate types plus the Tile Insert grate if installing into a tiled floor finish; and the outlet can be positioned in the centre or the end of the channel. The Chess and Rib patterned 304 stainless steel grates are ideal for bare-foot areas and are heel safe, whilst the L15 and M125 load-bearing mesh grates are designed to suit heavy-duty industrial use.

Bespoke channels in different lengths and/or 316 grade acid-resistant stainless steel, as well as many other modifications, can also be designed and manufactured to your requirements.

Our popular Channel 100 Configurator is available on our website. It is an effective and convenient tool which makes it easier for you to choose the ideal Channel 100 configuration for your requirements.

For further details of the Channel 100 and to take a look at our new accessories, please visit our Product Pages or feel free to Contact Us.