National Recycle Week: 23rd - 29th September 2019

Did you know that this week, the 23rd to 29th September, marks National Recycle Week across the UK?

| 2019-09-23
  • National Recycle Week 2019

With recycling and climate change increasingly on the public agenda and the issues surrounding it now more talked about than ever, we at Purus strongly believe that it is crucial for companies and organisations like ours to be at the forefront of taking action and spreading the message about the importance of recycling and tackling climate change.

National Recycle Week is now in its 17th year and is organised by WRAP UK, a part of the Recycle Now campaign supported by the government. The week is a celebration of recycling and the perfect opportunity for companies like ours to come together to raise awareness, help people and businesses increase their recycling activity and demonstrate the benefits that recycling has.

So, what are we at Purus doing to increase our recycling efforts and help with the fight against climate change?

We have always worked alongside our Swedish parent company, BLS Industries, in this area. BLS have held their Environmental Policy since before Purus Limited launched in the UK over a decade ago, and it has always been at the core of BLS’ and Purus’ company values. The Policy encourages us to always strive towards the lowest possible environmental impact in our choices of raw materials and packaging in connection with manufacturing, product development, distribution and use of our products. This includes, amongst others, using recyclable packaging, using energy efficiently and being pro-active in looking for and implementing any changes which will decrease our company’s overall environmental impact.

It is crucial for BLS Industries and Purus that these procedures are integral to how we function as a company which is why the Policy still remains at the heart of what we do in 2019. The environment is a key responsibility for all Purus employees and this is encouraged through training and regular updates.

Closer to home, Purus Limited make sure that our office employees in Leeds uphold the responsibilities laid out by the company-wide Environmental Policy. We always try to go above and beyond in playing our part. We use a Renewable Energy supplier and ensure that we only use energy where essential: we switch our computers off overnight and make sure that our lights are never on when they are not in use. We have switched to paperless systems for our order processing and invoicing so we only print when we really need to, and our kitchen has a Recycling Corner for our Team to use. We separate out our paper, plastics and glass; and our used coffee grounds and bottle tops are taken to specialised local recycling facilities. Out on the road, we use public transport where possible and we have a Video Conference suite set up in the office to decrease the need for internal face-to-face meetings.

The small changes that Purus have made as a company are a drop in the ocean in the global journey to combat climate change, but we firmly believe that each change we continue to make and help others to adopt is a step in the right direction. Everybody can make smaller and larger adjustments in the way we live and work every day which will make a difference.

National Recycle Week 2019: Recycling. It’s in our own hands.

For more information, recycling advice and the latest news and updates, you can head to Recycle Now’s website at