New data sheet available for the 59mm Purus Line super low-level linear drainage range

We have recently published a data sheet for our brand new 59mm Low-Level Purus Line linear drainage range.

| 2019-07-12

We have recently published a data sheet for our brand new 59mm Low-Level Purus Line linear drainage range.

Our 59mm Low-Level Purus Line is a super low-level linear drainage solution for tiled floors with a total height of just 59mm. The Purus Line Premium, Purus Line Tile Insert and Purus Line with Patterned Grate come in lengths of 600-1200mm, are suitable for concrete floors with tiled finishes and are the ideal solution for when floor space in your wetroom or level-access shower area is very limited. The 59mm height linear channels include our NOOD combined water and mechanical traps, ensuring that even with its super low-level profile, the 59mm Purus Line offers the same no-odour benefits as many of our existing floor gullies.

The 59mm Purus Line can be installed against the wall or elsewhere in the room and is suitable for concrete subfloors with tiled floor finishes. The Tile Insert grate version of the 59mm Purus Line range has a grate which your tiles sit in to, with a stainless-steel surround slightly visible from above. The Purus Line Premium has a more minimalistic finish as your tiles are simply cut and then fixed on top of a frame with tile adhesive. Whichever grate finish you choose, the flow rate of all variants of the 59mm Purus Line is a substantial 0.6 litres per minute, which will easily accommodate the output of most domestic and commercial showers. All of the technical specifications of the range are detailed on the newly published data sheet.

We also offer a wide range of other linear drainage channels for other situations, including vinyl floor coverings and wooden joist floor build-ups. Please follow this link to view our full product range.

To view the data sheet, please click here. For further information on the 59mm Purus Line including images, technical drawings and installation instructions, please click here. You may also wish to Contact Us for more details and any enquiries.