New Purus Channel 100 & Modular Brochures

| 2015-10-09

In addition to our 2015 Wetroom, Shower, Ensuite & Bathroom Drainage Solutions brochure for 2015, which shows all the details of our most popular floor gully and drainage channel products; we are pleased to introduce our channel 100 and Modular brochures.

Our channel 100 brochure is our newest stainless steel channel, with a width of just 100mm but a high flow capacity which equals that of wider channels. It is suitable for use in most environments, including industrial areas such as kitchens, healthcare facilities and laboratories, as well as pharmaceutical, breweries and food production areas.

Our Modular range consist of two brand new modular channel systems - the Slot Drain Modular and the Grate Drain Modular. The systems work by interconnecting a number of stainless steel sections together – this includes T-sections, L-sections, lengths, gully sections and water traps. The large gully, together with the channels, creates a system that is well-suited for handling large amounts of water.

Please feel free to browse all of our brochures in our download section here. Alternatively to request your free hard copy, fill your details in here.

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