New Purus Square Installation Gasket

| 2015-10-30

Purus are excited to introduce their new square installation gasket which is optimised for the installation and tanking processes of our Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays. There are two types of gasket: product 70001 is designed to be used with MS Polymer, whilst 70005 is a self-adhesive variation. Both gaskets are 400x400mm and having the choice of two types gives you the flexibility to install your wetroom whichever way you feel most comfortable with.

Our gaskets are designed to aid the installation of our Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays. Our Self Supporting Trays have falls built into them for simple installation of our Mini Series floor gullies into either joist or concrete floors and are suitable for vinyl and tiled finishes. They come in 7 sizes all with an outer depth of 22mm and are load bearing up to 470kg when installed over 400mm joist centres.

For more information on our Gaskets and Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays, please visit our website's Product Database here or alternatively call our sales team on 0113 289 3172.