Purus Channel 100 for Tiles installed at Southampton FC Training Academy

| 2016-05-27

The Purus Channel 100 has been installed at the Southampton Football Club Training Academy in Marchwood, Southampton. The Channel 100 has a width of just 100mm but a high flow capacity which equals that of wider channels. It is often selected for use in commercial and industrial settings such as hotels, breweries, leisure centres and healthcare facilities; with a full selection of grate options to suit. At the Southampton FC Training Academy, the Tile Insert grate has been used to give a stylish, sleek finish; suitable for bare-foot areas and with a load class of K3. Purus Limited also supplies M125 and L15 mesh grates for the same channel where preferred, suitable for heavy-duty industrial areas.

Please view the Channel 100 section of the product database for more details, including grate and outlet options; product codes and technical drawings.