Purus Channel 100 Stainless Steel Channel Drainage – Watch our New Presentation!

| 2017-04-14

We are very happy to have just launched a brand new Presentation showcasing all of the key features and details of our ever popular Channel 100 stainless steel channel drainage system.

Click here to watch the Presentation now!

The Channel 100 is our most popular stainless steel channel drainage system and is an ideal solution for shower areas, changing rooms and hotel and leisure facilities; as well as industrial areas such as factories and breweries. It is designed for installation into concrete floors with vinyl, tiled, resin or concrete finishes and comes in standard lengths up to 2.5m.

Many different configurations are available as standard - you have a choice of four grate types plus the Tile Insert grate if installing into a tiled floor finish; and the outlet can be positioned in the centre or the end of the channel. The Chess and Wave patterned stainless steel grates are ideal for bare-foot areas whilst the L15 and M125 load-bearing mesh grates are designed to suit heavy-duty industrial use.

Bespoke channels in different lengths and/or 316 grade acid-resistant stainless steel, as well as many other modifications, can also be designed and manufactured to your requirements - please Contact Us for details.

As well as the new Presentation, we will also be launching a Product Configurator for the Channel 100 very soon. Watch this space for all the latest news and updates!

You can view more details of our Channel 100 system on the product page here.