Purus host Breakfast Morning at BSS Manchester

| 2015-03-16

Purus have recently hosted a successful breakfast morning at BSS Manchester, where customers of the plumbing, heating and engineering store were able to take five minutes out of their busy mornings to enjoy a snack and a coffee and have a chat with Ranny, Paul and Scott. Ranny Barn, our Technical Sales Manager; Paul Girling, our Sales Director; and Scott MacVicar, our Sales Manager North were on hand to talk about all of the plumbing products that we have to offer.

Amongst others, these included the Mini Series Floor Gullies such as the Minimax 50 which has a total height of just 76mm and features a NOOD no-odour water trap which prevents any foul air from escaping, even if the trap dries out. They also talked about our Security Gullies, the Purus Universal Membrane (PUM) and the Purusline Living Linear Wetroom Solution.

The breakfast morning was a success for everyone involved and we look forward to hosting more in the future.