Purus introduces 7 Pipe Connectors

Products | 2013-09-12

Purus are proud to introduce their range of 7 Pipe Connectors for those awkward waste pipe situations. They suit many different sizes and a range of pipe materials, with the 7 connectors giving up to 60 connecting options. Using the Purus connector guide will make it easier to choose pipe connections between different pipe dimensions. Instead of having to carry 60 or so connectors on the plumbers van; the plumber now only has to carry seven options to satisfy most installations. The seven units also come in a handy ringed collection for hanging in the van or store.

These connectors are type-approved for horizontal and vertical installation, as well as for building and connecting into various units. Watch the Purus Pipe Connecting Video here to see how they work.

Please Contact Us for further details and how to buy.