Purus launch a range of JAFO Floor Gully Drains and Special Products

Products | 2014-12-05

Purus is very proud to have launched a range of JAFO products into the UK market. These include two special floor gully drains for vinyl and tiled floors, complete with stainless steel grates to suit their floor type and a 50mm to 1½” ABS Solvent Weld adapter; as well as two special products: the JAFO Foot Scraper and the JAFO Rat Stop. The JAFO Rat Stop is placed at the entrance to a property’s waste pipes, and emits small electric pulses to prevent rats from entering the sewerage system. It is a simple, effective and environmentally friendly method. The JAFO Foot Scraper facilitates the cleaning of footwear using brushes and cold water in environments where hygiene is extremely important, such as hospital theatres, maternity wards and laboratories.

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