Purus Launch the Modular Channel System Brochure for the Slot Drain and Grate Drain

Products | 2015-06-16

Purus are delighted to provide you with a full brochure for our two interconnecting Modular Channel Systems – the Slot Drain and Grate Drain. Allowing you to create and specify your required stainless steel drainage channel, the Modular Channel was launched this year and we have been delighted with the success of this product.

The Modular Channel System opens up a world of opportunities. The advantage of a channel system rather than a regular channel drain or gully is that it allows you to lead water away from a large area. Our channel systems - Slot drains and Grate drains - are based on a gully, a stainless steel channel drain with the option of T & L-shaped angles and a grate. Both can be used with concrete, resin floors or tiled floors without a waterproofing membrane. In addition, you only need to install one channel drain instead of several gullies in the same area. Both can be combined with T and L-shaped angles, which allow the system to be expanded in two different directions over a total of 24 metres (12 metres in each direction) due to the built-in slope in the channel.

Click here to view our latest brochure.