Purus launches Channel 100

Products | 2014-02-21
  • Purus Channel 100

Purus, the Swedish floor drainage manufacturer, has launched a floor channel with a width of just 100mm but a flow capacity equalling that of wider channels. The Channel 100 is suitable for use in most environments, including industrial areas such as kitchens, healthcare facilities and laboratories, as well as pharmaceutical, breweries and food production areas. The Channels can be equipped with high-load mesh gratings for heavy-duty industry use and are suitable for environments where hygiene is essential. The Channel 100 is also ideal for environments where interior design is central – for example, spas, hotels and bare-foot areas. Purus’ design gratings for tiled, vinyl and resin floors are ideal for these situations.

The Purus Channel 100 is an economical product made flexible by combining the high quality stainless steel channel with different types of gratings depending on the environment and load class required. Also, the gully connecting the channel with the waste pipe system is available in both plastic and stainless steel versions, trapped or un-trapped, and in a range of outlet dimensions. The Channel 100 comes as a shallow version with a low gradient central outlet, and a deep-end outlet version with a well defined gradient, both designed to best suit your requirements. The channel can also be made in stainless steel 316L for swimming pool areas and a bespoke service is also available on request.

The Channel 100 brochure is available to view and download here. For any product enquiries, please Contact Us.