Purus launches Security Gullies for vinyl floors

Products | 2013-09-09

Purus, the wetroom drainage solutions provider, has launched two ranges of Purus Security Floor Gullies for Vinyl Floors. There are four options of round gully outlets with two options of grates with Torx Screw Locking Nuts; plus a linear drain version in lengths of 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm. Purus is also able to make a bespoke version of the round gully range for Resin Floors.

The Round Stainless grate is for high security needs and has anti ligature features built into it. The Round Plastic grate is for areas where a less institutional appearance is desired but with a secure locked grate. The Linear version comes with a secure Stainless Steel Grate together with anti ligature features built in.

Both Floor Gullies come with high strength Purus Clamping rings for vinyl and can be easily installed into vinyl flooring with the Purus Vinyl Knife (3401103).

The Purus Security outlets are made of Polypropylene (PP) plastic, which is designed to be self-cleaning and can remove up to 45 litres per minute. The drain has built in features for ease of maintenance and to avoid the build-up of dirt; and bad odours are kept at bay thanks to the patented NOOD trap, which does not allow any bad smells to come up from the waste pipes even if the trap dries out.

The Round and Linear Gullies are available in four different outlets for horizontal and vertical installation into concrete subfloors going into various waste pipe sizes.

Purus floor drains have been designed to meet the exacting requirements for design, functionality and safety to EN 1253-1.

Please Contact Us for further details and how to buy.