Purus launches two interconnecting Modular Channel Systems – the Slot Drain and Grate Drain

| 2015-02-16

Purus is very happy to have launched two brand new modular channel systems - the Slot Drain Modular and the Grate Drain Modular. The systems work by interconnecting a number of stainless steel sections together – this includes T-sections, L-sections, lengths, gully sections and water traps. The large gully, together with the channels, creates a system that is well-suited for handling large amounts of water.

The advantage of a channel system rather than a regular channel drain or gully is that it can lead away water from a large area, and there are built-in falls in the channel. The design makes the installation both simple and secure. In addition, you only need to install one channel drain instead of several gullies in the same area. Both can be combined with T and L-shaped angles, which allow the system to be expanded in two different directions to a maximum of 24 metres (12 metres in each direction).

Slot Drain Modular

The Slot Drain Modular is the narrow, smart modular channel drain without a separate grate, which has a functional and attractive design for installation into concrete floors, making it a practical solution. With its grate-free design and the geometric design of the channel drain, it is easy to clean and maintain. Despite the narrow slot, maintenance on the channel can still be carried out from above.

It is an excellent choice for concrete floors and discretely blends into the surroundings. The slot drain is equipped with mounting plates with holes that are drilled for installation with threaded bars and nuts.

Grate Drain Modular

The Grate Drain Modular is 100mm wide and has a removable grate. The stainless steel mesh grate is suited to industrial environments with large water volumes and is available in two different load classes, L15 (load-bearing up to 1,500kg) and M125 (load-bearing up to 12,500kg). The Grate Drain Modular can also be fitted with the Purus support legs, which makes it easy to adjust channel height when cast in concrete. The drain can also be fitted with threaded bars and nuts if required.


Features of the Modular Channel System:

  •  Round bars in the long sections prevent the Slot Drain from collapsing when cast in concrete.
  • The bolt fastener is assembled with 8 No M8 nuts and bolts and an EPDM seal between the flanges.
  • The mounting plates can be used to support the channels when installing them in concrete and for grounding.
  • With T and L-shaped pieces, the system can be expanded in two different directions. There are three different types of angles for many different combinations.
  • The L15 Grate comes as standard whilst M125 Grate is available on request.
  • The system consists of five different sections that can be combined in many different ways.