Purus Line & Purus Corner - Limited Edition Gold grates now available!

We are very excited to announce that we have just launched beautiful Limited Edition Gold grates for our Purus Line and Purus Corner wetroom drains.

| 2020-05-14

Manufactured in Sweden in premium stainless steel, our new Limited Edition Gold grates have been designed to add an extra special finishing touch to your wetroom or bathroom space, complementing your own personal style and design in your home.

The Gold grates for the Purus Line and Purus Corner join our recently launched Matt Black grates to further expand our Limited Edition range. Since its launch, the Purus Line Matt Black has been very popular with our customers and we are excited for the Purus Line Gold and Purus Corner Gold to follow in its footsteps.

The Purus Line Gold comes in our popular Chess pattern and the Purus Corner Gold is designed in our Pearl pattern. The newly launched grates fit the same drain bodies which are used for our patterned grate versions of the Purus Line and Purus Corner, making the ordering process simple. The drain bodies for both the Purus Line and Purus Corner are available in 59mm Low, which is our popular super low-level drain, as well as Side and Side Side (Inline). All drain bodies include our NOOD no-odour water trap which does not allow any foul air to escape through the pipework.

The Purus Line Gold grates are manufactured in five different lengths from 600mm to 1000mm; whilst the Purus Corner has dimensions of 360x260x260mm and is designed to fit discretely in the corner of the wetroom space. Both the Purus Line and Purus Corner are suitable for concrete floors and can be installed either against the wall or elsewhere in the room.

You can view more product details, technical specifications and images of the Purus Line Gold and Purus Corner Gold on our new product pages by clicking here. You can also Contact Us for further information. Did you know that Purus are on Instagram too? Head over to our feed to see daily wetroom inspiration and product updates.