Purus Marketing Department design a new advert

| 2016-02-26

The Purus Marketing Team have created a new advert to promote our Floor Gullies and Linear Channels for wetrooms. Purus Floor Gullies include the Mini Series range - the Minimax 50, Minimax Two Part, Mini Brage 50 and Mini Brage 110 - and a wide selection of special gullies. The Minimax and Mini Brage are available as complete gullies with our patented NOOD no-odour water trap, which will not allow any foul air to come up even when dried out; and can all be adapted for use with vinyl, tiled or resin floors with the required grate.

The Purusline Living is our linear wetroom solution which allows you to create a beautiful, functional and stylish space in your tiled bathroom. We offer the Purusline Living channel in lengths of 600mm and 800mm, with three options of gully to suit your installation; and three fully stainless steel grates to create your perfect finish. These include the Tile Insert grate, which allows for a sleek, minimalistic look where the tiles sit into the grate to match the wetroom floor; and the Drop and Twist patterned grates.

The advert has already been published with Home Designer & Architect, Refurb Renovation News and will shortly be appearing in The Refurb & Developer Update Magazine.

To view our advertisement please visit the below links, and for more information on our Purus Floor Gullies and Linear Channels please contact our sales team on 0113 289 3172.  

Home Designer & Architect, Pg 54-55 https://issuu.com/engineering-update/docs/hda-march2016?e=9221428/33665894#search

Refurb Renovation News, Pg 68 https://issuu.com/rrnews/docs/rrn_issue_18_2016

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