Purus’ Plastic Floor Gullies are fully recyclable! National Recycle Week 2019

The 23rd to 29th September 2019 marks National Recycle Week across the UK!

| 2019-09-27
  • National Recycle Week 2019

You might have read our blog post earlier in the week about the changes which Purus have made to increase our recycling efforts and help with the fight against climate change. We believe it is crucial for companies like ours to lead the way in taking action, which is why we have joined WRAP UK and the Recycle Now campaign to help raise awareness and spread the message.

Our Swedish parent company, BLS Industries, have had an Environmental Policy at the core of their values since before Purus Limited launched in the UK over a decade ago. A key area of the Policy states that we will always strive towards the lowest environmental impact in our choices of raw materials in connection with manufacturing, and as a manufacturer of plastic floor gullies, we have a responsibility to ensure that the plastic we use is both recyclable and responsibly sourced.

This is why the vast majority of the plastic used in our floor gullies and drainage channels is polypropylene (PP), a fully recyclable plastic. We use polypropylene, which is classified as a number 5 plastic, to manufacture our Mini Series floor gullies, Purusline Living channels and our 59mm ranges. This is the same plastic which is often used to make many margarine and yoghurt containers, bottle tops and takeaway containers! The plastic bodies of our gullies and linear channels are polypropylene, whilst our accessories and grates are made of stainless steel. We use a small ABS adapter on our floor gullies, which has a push-fit connection to the PP outlet body, to enable the gullies to be solvent welded to pipework.

Some Local Authorities in the UK offer kerbside collection of PP: you can find out if the service is available to you by going to Recycle Now’s online Local Recycling finder at www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling. If PP is not currently collected kerbside in your area, Recycle Now also offer advice and guidance on the alternative recycling methods available locally to you.

Each small step which Purus take as a company is a drop in the ocean in the global journey to combat climate change, but we firmly believe that each change we continue to make and help others to adopt is a step in the right direction. Everybody can make smaller and larger adjustments in the way we live and work every day which will make a difference.

National Recycle Week 2019: Recycling. It’s in our own hands.

For more information, recycling advice and the latest news and updates, you can head to Recycle Now’s website at www.recyclenow.com.