Stainless Steel Kitchen Channels – two new sizes added to the high-output drainage range

Purus’ Technical Team at our Stainless factory in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, have recently been working on product developments and updates within our Stainless Steel Channel Drainage ranges.

| 2020-01-06

The work has led to a number of updates within the assortment based upon customer feedback and demand. As a result, we are especially excited about two new additions to our Kitchen Channel range: the high-output channels are now available in dimensions of 300x1000mm and 500x300mm which will be a welcome addition to the four existing sizes.

The new Kitchen Channel products are suitable for installation into concrete floor build-ups with vinyl, concrete, tiled, resin or micro-cement finishes. The 300x1000mm and 500x300mm channels replace our Channel 300 drains in 1000mm and 600mm lengths respectively – a range update which has come about due to ongoing customer feedback and research within the company.

Purus' stainless steel Kitchen Channels are designed and optimised for use in commercial and industrial kitchens. Their large drain body and outlet types have a high flow-rate to facilitate high volumes of water flow from, for example, large pans and water waste from commercial washing methods. The Kitchen Channel range now comes in the following dimensions: 400x400mm, 500x300mm, 600x400mm, 800x500mm, 900x600mm and 1000x300mm.


To view further information on the new and existing products in our Kitchen Channel range, please go to the Product Pages. If you would like to discuss these products or anything else with the Purus Team, please feel free to Contact Us.