Ystad, Sweden: Home to Purus’ Sweden HQ and the Ystad Salstjöbad luxury spa hotel

Purus’ Managing Director and Technical Sales Manager have been visiting Purus’ HQ this week in Ystad, southern Sweden.

| 2019-09-04

They have been involved in some productive meetings with our Technical colleagues, which have proved a great opportunity to discuss future projects and upcoming product developments which we have been working on. We are really excited about all of the new ideas and concepts we were able to talk about – watch this space for all of the latest updates.

Whilst there, the Purus Team visited the Ystad Salstjöbad on the coast of Skåne, the southern-most region of Sweden, which overlooks the shoreline of the Baltic Sea. The luxury spa hotel hosts 139 en-suite bedrooms of varying sizes, and many of the wetroom en-suite areas have either our Purus Line linear channel drains or floor gullies with stainless steel grates installed into their elegant tiled floor finishes. Our floor gullies are also installed in some of the communal bathing areas of the Ystad Salstjöbad’s state-of-the-art spa facilities.

The Purus Line channels installed at the luxury hotel are our Tile Insert type, which is a very popular choice with our customers as it allows tiles of their choice, up to 10mm thick, to be fitted within the grate itself with a thin stainless steel surround so that the grate is flush with the surrounding floor tiles. It offers a minimalistic and modern finish to any wetroom area.

As well as our Purus Line linear channels and floor gullies for tiled floor finishes, we also offer a wide range of drainage solutions for wetrooms, level-access shower areas and much more. For further details of all of our products, please head to our Product Pages or Contact Us by following this link.