Purus Channel 100 installed at Chance Options Homes in Ruskington

Purus are excited to announce that 17 of our Channel 100s have recently been installed at Chance Option Homes in Ruskington.

Brand new PK155 & PK200 Grate designs launched

We have recently launched a brand new set of designs of our stainless steel PK155 and PK200 grates, suitable for use with all of our Mini Series floor gullies. Our PK155 grates are now available in Chess and Rib patterns, whilst our PK200 grates now come in Chess, Rib and Pearl designs.

Micro cement and micro concrete: innovative new floor finish for wetroom and bathroom areas

We are pleased to announce that we offer drainage solutions suitable for the increasingly popular floor finishes, micro cement and micro concrete.

Pipe Connectors: New data sheet and installation instructions now online

We have recently published an updated data sheet and installation instructions to our website for our range of 7 Pipe Connectors.

Purus Limited on Social Media!

Purus are now regularly posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.