Designed floor gullies

Your personal choice

You should feel good in the bathroom. The place where you both start and end the day. Purus designed floor gullies are an example of how creativity and development can change something we take for granted. The technology, quality and functionality is equally as reliable as our other floor gullies, but the innovative design provides more room for your personal style. Position the floor gully where you want it. Purus designed floor gullies provide unique possibilities for increased well-being.

Purus Line

Purus Corner

Purus Square


We have made you used to seeing a floor gully round and fitted in the middle of the floor. But does it have to be like that? A gully is a gully, and its primary function will always be to drain off water in the most reliable way possible.

You can position Purus Line and Purus Corner against the wall, which provides more options when selecting tiles, for example, a larger size. Select our Tile Insert solution to match the tiles in the rest of the bathroom and the grating becomes almost invisible.

Under the surface of Purus Line/Corner you’ll find a modern gully in a traditional design, with a stainless steel clamping ring for the maximum possible safety. No complicated constructions with multiple parts, rather a proven design that has been updated according to today’s needs and requirements.
A simple and secure choice.

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