Floor gullies

The floor gully - An important part of the bathroom

The floor gully is an important component, which should be included in the bathroom planning right from the outset. When the time comes for a new floor gully, there are numerous options. The design can be rectangular, square or triangular, and you can choose from materials in plastic, stainless steel or cast iron. Make it a stylish component to look at and have it merge in with the rest of the fittings and raise the overall impression of your bathroom.

Plastic floor gullies

Plastic Floor Gullies are mainly made in copolymerized Polypropylene (PP), a polymer with an over-all good resistance to chemicals and both low and high temperatures. Some floor gullies are made in high density Polyethylene (PEH), a polymer with almost as good resistance properties as PP. They are mainly used in prefabricated pods where the outlets are welded to Polyethylene waste pipes. 

Stainless steel floor gullies

Stainless steel Floor Gullies are made in the acid resistant steel quality EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L). The stainless steel is produced in Northern Europe and comes with certificates.