Indoor waste systems

A complete range of quality products with a focus on function, reliability and creativity for installing in domestic/commercial environment such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. Our products ensure that installations meet the demands of customers and authorities in the best way, from designed bottle traps to the connection of WC’s.

PUM - New possibilities with patended technology

PUM is a product range which offers you new possibilities. Patented technology which sets its own standard. PUM is also type-approved. The PUM works as a mechanical odour trap, using a silicone membrane instead of a water trap. The membrane is always closed, but is opened by the flow of water. The PUM also functions as an air admittance valve if there is negative pressure in the drainage system – it opens and lets air in when necessary.

Install a PUM to make life easier. No more blockages in drains, overflowing water, dried-out water traps or unwanted odours from drains. The PUM is easy to clean - you only have to rinse it under the tap - and it also makes space for other things in the bathroom cabinet. The choice is obvious, we think!

Type approved rubber connectors

Use the Purus rubber connectors as sealing between pipes of different dimension. With Purus wide range of diamensions we are able to help you with the stranges dimensions. They are also type approved for concealed installations, behind walls and in floors.