Linear Wetroom Former Trays

Our Linear Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays are designed for use with our Purusline Living Plus linear channels for vinyl flooring, and our Purusline Living for tiled floors. They can either be installed onto joists with perimeter supports, or directly on to concrete, and are load-bearing up to 470kg. The Former Trays have a thickness of 22mm at the outside edge, with built-in falls to the drainage channel which is located either in the centre or towards one edge of the tray. Our Linear Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays can be cut to size to suit your wetroom space, as long as a minimum of 200mm is left around each edge of the outlet hole.

Key info:

• Wetroom Former Trays compatible with Purusline Living Plus and Purusline Living

• Suitable for vinyl or tiled floor finishes

• Suitable for wooden joists or concrete floor build-ups

• Load-bearing up to 470kg

• Can be cut to size

• 22mm thickness at outside edge