Modular Channel Systems

Purus is very happy to have launched two brand new modular channel systems - the Slot Drain Modular and the Grate Drain Modular. The systems work by interconnecting a number of stainless steel sections together – this includes T-sections, L-sections, lengths, gully sections and water traps. The large gully, together with the channels, creates a system that is well-suited for handling large amounts of water.

The advantage of a channel system rather than a regular channel drain or gully is that it can lead away water from a large area, and there are built-in falls in the channel. The design makes the installation both simple and secure. In addition, you only need to install one channel drain instead of several gullies in the same area. Both can be combined with T and L-shaped angles, which allow the system to be expanded in two different directions to a maximum of 24 metres (12 metres in each direction).