1400x900mm Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Tray, Off-Centre Outlet

Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Tray

1400x900x22mm Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Tray for our 130mm diameter round floor gullies. Compatible for use with our full Mini Series range, this former tray can be installed with tiled or vinyl floor finishes and on either concrete or wooden joist floor build-ups. The tray is load-bearing up to 470kg, and when fitting with wooden joists, it can be installed directly on top of the joists with perimeter supports. The outlet hole is positioned off-centre to allow you to avoid any existing wooden joists, and the former tray can be cut to size, as long as 200mm is left around each edge of the outlet hole.

Purus' Self-Supporting Wetroom Former Trays come in nine different sizes and are compatible with our Minimax Two Part, Minimax 50, Mini Brage 50 and Mini Brage 110 floor gullies. We recommend using the Minimax Two Part as it is optimised for simple installation into the former trays.

Tiled wetroom floors must be tanked. We recommend our Puragum Tanking Kit, which is our waterproofing system for use with tiled floor finishes. Each tanking kit covers an area of 8m2.

Product data

Product code 71409
Dimension 1400x900mm
Material 50% recycled
Height 22mm

Can be cut to size. Ensure a minimum of 200mm is left around each edge of the outlet hole.

Compatible with

52719, 7113764UK, 7113539UK, 7113538UK-F