Purus Floor Gullies

Purus Floor Gullies include the Mini Series range - the Minimax 50, Minimax Two Part, Mini Brage 50, Mini Brage 110 and Mini Oden; the 59mm S-Series low-level floor gully and a wide selection of special gullies. The Minimax and Mini Brage are available as complete gullies with our patented NOOD no-odour water trap, which will not allow any foul air to come up even when dried out; and can all be adapted for use with vinyl, tiled or resin floors with the required grate.

All Mini Series floor gullies have BBA Certification, whilst the Minimax and Mini Brage are also featured on BIM - links to the certificate and BIMobject are available on the relevant product pages.

Also available is the super-low level 59mm S-Series floor gully: an extremely low-profile floor gully for concrete screeds with vinyl and tiled floor finishes.

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