Purus Line

Lift the overall impression in your bathroom

Purus Line is a floor gully which meets the standards of design, functionality and safety which you have come to expect from our traditional floor gullies. This means that you get the best of both worlds.

Purus Line is an elegant linear floor gully which offers you a number of options. Choose between different lengths, outlets and grating patterns. A unidirectional fall can be set up, giving an even, level surface, with no need to stand on the gully. It also means that less tiles have to be cut, which improves the overall look.

Vinyl flooring

Tile flooring

Premium Tile Insert

Purus Line for vinyl flooring - A practical option

It is now also possible to obtain a stylish and safe floor gully along a wall for vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is both practical and stylish, and what was previously standard is on the way back.

You can choose between five different lengths and six outlets, all supplied with a CHESS grating. In addition, Purus Line for vinyl flooring has a clamping frame which ensures a safe joint.

Purus Line for tiled floors - provides options

Purus Line enables you to design your shower and bathroom with a stylish and safe floor gully. It is positioned along a wall, which means that you don't have to stand on the gully while you are showering. It also gives you more options when selecting tiles, for example, a larger size. Select our Tile Insert solution to match the tiles in the grating with the rest of the bathroom.

There are numerous options with Purus Line for tiled floors. Choose between six different grating patterns, nine different outlets and lengths from 600 to 1,200 mm. All to ensure that it fits your needs as well as possible.

Purus Line Premium - Discret and smart

The discrete floor gully without visible edges which gives an exclusive overall impression in your bathroom. Premium can be positioned against the wall and that gives you an even and level floor surface which means that you do not have to stand on the gully while you are showering.

Smart designs do not have to be visible. A floor gully does not necessarily have to be round and placed in the middle of the floor. Instead allow the gully to become part of the bathroom planning from the very start. Premium provides you with a greater choice of floor tiles. You can now use the same large tiles in the shower as the rest of the bathroom without having to cut the tiles to get a good slope towards the gully. The depth of the lowest gully to combine with Purus Line Premium is only 59mm.