Purus Line Tile Insert

The Purus Line Tile Insert is a linear drainage solution for tiled floor finishes. It can be paired with our 59mm Low outlet gully for a super low-level option with a total height of just 59mm; or with our Side or Side Side (Inline) outlets. The Purus Line can be installed against the wall or elsewhere in the room.

The Purus Line Tile Insert with 59mm Low outlet gully is suitable for concrete subfloors only. The Side and Side Side (Inline) outlet versions can be installed in either concrete or wooden floors. When fitting into wooden joists, concrete must be poured within the wooden frame as per the installation instructions.

It is suitable for tiled floor finishes with a Tile Insert grate, comes in lengths of 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm and has a Low horizontal 50mm outlet.

Please browse our products below to see the full selection available, as well as images, technical drawings and installation instructions.

For alternative linear solutions including those for vinyl floors and in other lengths, please consider the Purusline Living or Purus Channel 100.

Please note that as this is a Swedish product, the 52576 50mm to 1½" adapter must be ordered separately.