Purus Square

Replace your round grating with a square design grating

Purus Square is a square design grate for tiled floors, which fits traditional circular floor gullies. It excels in both function and design. Due to its ease of installation and proven, safe design, this is a good option when it is time for a new floor gully, or when renovating an existing one. And it also has the benefit of improving the look of any bathroom. So why choose a round one when you can choose a square one?

An almost invisible result with Purus Square

Do floor gullies have to be round and placed in the middle of the floor? A gully is a gully, and its primary function will always be to drain off water in the most reliable way possible.

Purus Square gives you the option of using a traditional floor gully, but changing your grating to one with a square design. Choose our Tile Insert solution to match the tiles in the rest of the bathroom and the grating becomes almost invisible.

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