Urinals of stainless steel are suitable for environments with demands on high durability and hygiene. Urinals are available for one or more persons up to 3000 mm long and stainless steel thickness of 1,25 mm. The flushing pipe in the trough is protected. All urinals are supplied with "PUM" odour stop.

The PUM valve is a unique, type-approved mechanical odour trap, using a silicone membrane, replacing the traditional water trap. The valve opens by the flow of water and closes automatically when there is no flow, stopping any unwanted odours. With the PUM valve there will be no more blockages in drains and no more dried-out water traps. The valve also allows for air to enter the drainage system if there is negative pressure. The PUM valve is easy to clean, rinsing it under the tap, or by using our cleaning kit, when used in urinals.